Shepley Digital Archives

About the Digital Archives

Shepley's Digital Archives contain photographs, videos, sound recordings and documents about the history of the village, including records of events, testimonials from local people, business and community group records, and local places of interest.

Our digital archives are accessible wherever you are in the world. So, if you are researching your family history, looking into the history of Shepley, or wanting to visit us, this is the place to find more information.

We'd like to digitise any documents, maps, photographs and other interesting artefacts which you feel contribute to Shepley's rich heritage and that of the local area. We're also interested in preserving any business records from bygone days. We want to share our archives with the world.

After all, your ancestors may have come from our proud little village!

Accessing the Digital Archives

Access to the Shepley Census records are free-to-use. You will need to register to view them. For all other records, we charge an annual subscription of just £10 to use the digital archives. All monies raised will help fund local community initiatives, including litter picks, conservation projects and preservation.

Further information

Please contact if you have any items which you'd like us to digitise.

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