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Maybe you are a creative writer or a local historian, reporting on a local event; wanting to raise local issues; or profiling a local personality.

We've now made it even easier for you to send us your news for publication on the Shepley Village Community website.

Simply complete the section below and our website editors will do the rest. We'll format your article, publish it online and share with social media.


You can also use this feature to send us your paid-for advertising copy only.

Articles in the Public Interest

Shepley Village Community website is managed independently and remains politically-neutral. However, we do accept, in the public interest, newsletters from politicians representing mainstream centre parties.

Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Publishing Deadlines

The website editors publish articles regularly onto the website. However, we usually send an email to subscribers at the beginning of each month. Please submit any news items by 28th day each month.


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