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    • Hundred: Agbrigg

      Area: West Riding

      County: Yorkshire

      Total population: 1.7 household (very small).

      Total tax assessed: 3.4 geld units (medium).

      Head of manor: Wakefield.

      Taxable units: Taxable value 92.4 geld units.

      Value: Value to lord in 1066 £60. Value to lord in 1086 £15.

      Households: 9 villagers. 22 smallholders. 11 freemen. 3 priests.

      Ploughland: 51 ploughlands (can plough). 13 men’s plough teams.

      Other resources: Woodland 3 * 3 furlongs & 6 * 4 leagues mixed measures. 2 churches.

      Lord in 1066: King Edward.

      Lord in 1086: King William.

      Tenant-in-chief in 1086: King William.

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