The Shepley Hub has been set up to manage a transfer of Shepley's library building into community ownership. Without a building, Shepley will lose its much-loved library and information services. These services provide access to local knowledge and support to meet the needs and requirements of Shepley's residents, community groups and businesses.

So, the Hub is looking at ways in which local people can make full use of the building as a community meeting-place, centre for local village activities, as well as a library plus information point where citizens can access local, central and EU government services.

But, to achieve all of these the building needs to pay for itself. So, we are looking at several different options to help fund it and secure the building's long-term future

We believe with your support Shepley Library and Information Centre has an exciting future which can further benefit the local community and economy.

Please help us by sharing your ideas at one of our meetings or contacting us hub@shepleyvillage.org.