Yorkshire Tiger To Withdraw Rural Bus Service in Shepley

Councillor John Taylor

Councillor John Taylor raises concerns over withdrawal of essential bus service from September 2018.

I would like to flag a real concern to Shepley village. I have been notified by Metro that Yorkshire Tiger are planning on withdrawing from serving our community. I have copied below verbatim the update I received:

"I have to advise you that Yorkshire Tiger (a subsidiary of Arriva) have advised us that it is withdrawing a number of mainly commercial services in the South Huddersfield area from early September this year on the grounds that these services are no longer viable.

Yorkshire Tiger's actions leave Birdsedge , High Flatts, Lower Cumberworth, Shelley, Upper Denby and Shepley unserved by local bus services into Huddersfield.

We are in the process of tendering for a replacement bus service to ensure all areas are still served and are expecting to be able to confirm service details/operator by early August."

Councillor Taylor's Response

As many of you know, as your local Councillors we have been lobbying to get the service improved and I warned Yorkshire Tiger over a year ago that their changes to our bus service were likely to reduce usage and so make the service unavailable. They disputed that, but here we are.

With my Colleagues I have asked that we have an urgent meeting to discuss what the ervised proposals they are tendering for look like, so we can seek to improve the service to this village and our neighbouring communities. I have also asked the Chief Executive of Kirklees Council, Jacqui Gedman to intervene and will update as soon as I know something further.

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2 thoughts on “Yorkshire Tiger To Withdraw Rural Bus Service in Shepley

  1. Shepley Editors Post author

    Thank you for your considered comment. We’ll bring this to the attention of Councillor Taylor and others from the village association who are responding to the Local Plan.

  2. H. E. France

    Perhaps we should be mentioning this at the forthcoming public consultation on the revised Local Plan following the Planning Inspector’s detailed examination of of Council’s proposals ….makes the proposed development of houses alongside Abbey Road look even more unsustainable. Is this the ‘thin edge of the wedge’ for other Kirklees Rural communities too?

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