Voicing Concern Over Lack Of Fast Broadband


I represent a number of Shepley residents up at Highfield Court, all of whom are near to our wits end with the average 0.4 Mbps broadband speeds we get. (Yes the decimal point is in the correct place!).

We are a mix of self employed business people and Non Executive Directors, who working from home are simply unable to be as effective and productive as we need to be, school age children and students who are unable to do their school work on line – my daughter has to go to a friends house whenever she has an A level paper to download, about twice a week- and retired and other residents who struggle to do day to day required activities eg manage their on line banking, pay bills etc. As we all know, youtube is an alien concept here and Netflicks, well, sadly about as aspirational as traffic free motorways. 

Recently i have got more proactive to try and find out how I can play a part to move this inhuman situation forward and have been emailing Simon Reevell, who has been very helpful in providing information and explaining the situation with the Council. We have to keep the pressure on the council as I see it. I know there has been much effort and pressure already exerted by the Shepley Village Association. I want to add my voice and experience to this. Please would someone advise me of the most appropriate person to liaise with and let me have their contact details.

Thanks in anticipation,

Jane Hanson

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  1. shepleyadmin

    Jane, I’ve passed your details on to Will Roebuck who will contact you today

    John Brook

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