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Witchcraft and Satanic Rites in Birdsedge

Will Roebuck discusses the strange curse of witchcraft and satanic rites in Birdsedge. A mysterious lead plaque discovered in a dry stone wall around 30 years ago revealed that Christianity wasn’t the only ‘religion’ practiced in Yorkshire’s remote Pennine hills. It’s well documented that the Quakers established early meeting houses at High Flatts and Lane […]

Fond Reflections Of A Pennine Village

The Shepley Hub is running a new social history project with help from children, parents and staff at Shepley First School.  Named ‘Fond Reflections Of A Pennine Village’, the initiative will see children from Year 5 interviewing older members of the Shepley community about their life in the village. They want to hear all about their earliest […]

Shepley Launches New Local History Society

Villagers have launched a new community group in Shepley to showcase the rich history and heritage of the village. They launched The Shepley History Society at a meeting on 21st September in the village library. Local historian David Billington was guest of honour as he discussed his book Shepley: Believe It Or Not. Published some […]

10 Facts You May Not Know About King Richard III

This week has seen the remains of King Richard III taken to Leicester Cathedral for reburial following the discovery of his skeleton in a car park. Today he will be finally re-interred in a solemn ceremony attended by members of the Royal Family. And what a chance find that was! Whilst some chroniclers had suggested […]

War Graves

When we think of war graves we usually think of the great cemeteries and memorials in France and Belgium, but many people don’t realise that there are war graves in our own village churchyards too.   The soldiers of the First and Second World War were buried where they fell.  However there were many who didn’t […]

Shepley Archives

SHEPLEY ARCHIVES I recently visited the main library in Huddersfield for a meeting to discuss how best we go forward with the archives and particularly how we look after the maps, documents and reports we now have. I met with Ann Emery, Development Librarian, Keith Brockhill, Librarian Local Studies and Caroline from Archives. We had […]

Commemoration of 1914 – the Start of WW I

  The Council has decided that the occasion of the start of World War one in 1914 should be marked in an appropriate way to pay homage to the thousands of people who served and died for their country.  We are now asking people and community groups to put forward their ideas of what the […]

A Photograph speaks a thousand words

OK the title is a bit of a twist on the famous saying! We all know that we live in a very picturesque part of the world and that Shepley has so many hidden treasures and well, simply great views of the countryside. We’ve had a few people asking where they can upload photographs. So, […]