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September 2015 Report From Shepley Councillor Taylor

Councillor John Taylor provides us with his regular monthly report which includes roads, footpaths, grants, planning applications, bus stops, the library hub and more. There is a lot to update on this month again, looks like the village likes to keep me busy! I’ll start as I did last month with a few Highways matters. […]

Greens propose support for Shepley Library costs

Kirkburton Green Party Councillors Derek Hardcastle and Robert Barraclough have proposed that Kirkburton Parish Council offers to contribute to the running costs for Shepley Library. A community led group in Shepley is being established to work with Kirklees to seek a Community Asset Transfer to ensure library services remain in the village. Councillor Derek Hardcastle […]

September 2014 Newsletter from Councillor Dr Bill Armer

Bill Armer and Simon Reevell MP

September 2014 newsletter from local Councillor Dr. Bill Armer On 10th September, I attended a meeting about Broadband (of which more below) at Shepley First School, and took the opportunity to walk up to the War Memorial. Work in the area is progressing nicely, and the setting is truly serene and respectful. I did note […]

September 2014 Newsletter from Councillor Derek Hardcastle

The September 2014 newsletter from local Councillor Derek Hardcastle Dear Resident, My family and I would like to express our thanks to Dr Les Orme who has been our family doctor for almost 30 years. Prior to our current address we lived in Shepley at Bank Hall Grove and only moved as we needed a […]

Kirkburton Parish Council Grants

Kirkburton Parish Council are currently offering Small and Community Project Grants to the villages within it’s boundaries. The details of what grants are available are listed below and also a link to the Parish website where a form can be downloaded –   Time to apply for your Annual Small Grant Grants available to […]

Commemoration of 1914 – the Start of WW I

  The Council has decided that the occasion of the start of World War one in 1914 should be marked in an appropriate way to pay homage to the thousands of people who served and died for their country.  We are now asking people and community groups to put forward their ideas of what the […]

Shepley Co-Operative, change of Alcohol Licence

Shepley Co-op, Variation of Licence application. Notices have been erected around the centre of the village, detailing that the co-operative are to apply for a variation of a premises licence. This means that they are applying to sell alcohol from 6am to midnight every day including Good Friday and Christmas Day. I have had some […]

Minutes of Parish Council Meetings

To keep up to date on what is happening in your local Parish Council, follow the below link to the minutes of the monthly Parish Council Meetings. If you would like to raise an item, please contact one of your local Parish Councillors. The meetings are open to the public, and we welcome your attendance.  […]

New Sign in Centre of Village – The Penistone Line

Penistone Line

Some of you may have seen a large black sign appear, near to the junction of Marsh Lane and Abbey Road, outside Bridge House. I think it is fair to say, it has probably come as a bit of a surprise to all of us, in respect to its intention, size and benefit to Shepley […]