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Shepley Co-op- the Decision

At the second Special General Meeting which was held in the Shepley Methodist Church on Wednesday 10th July 2013, attending members voted overwhelmingly in favour of merging with the Midlands Co-op. What choice did the members have? Very little really. The stark reality is that over a number of years Shepley co-op has faced decreasing […]

Parking in Shepley

Parking in Shepley to do some shopping has been an issue for some time.¬†With the village situated in a rural community many local residents need to drive and the woefully inadequate parking facilities in the village centre have not made things any easier. I understand the issue has caused some friction with managers at the […]

Shepley Village Co-op

The co-op store in the village of Shepley has traded as the village store for more than 160 years. Unfortunately, due to changes in the way people shop, overall competition and an offer that no longer meets the real needs of the families in the village, the store has sadly been losing considerable amounts of […]