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No Messing – Report Dog Fouling Offenders In Shepley

NO MESSING Children will touch anything. Dog faeces can be harmful to human health and can cause blindness. An infection called Toxocara Canis can be caught if the waste is not removed immediately. Don’t just talk about it on social media. Do something about it too. Please report anyone who allows a dog to foul […]

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Enter Shepley For ‘Britain In Bloom’ To Stop Dog Fouling

dwarves in garden

Would it be possible for Kirklees to install waste bins with plastic bags for people to clean up after their pets and leave their little bags for collection? I think the perfect site would be along Marsh Lane at the junction of Marsh Lane and Long Close Lane and the junction of Marsh Lane and […]

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Antisocial Litter in the Village

britain in bloom, village green

The contrast can’t be more obvious. The stunning display of daffodils in early Spring on Lane Head Road and the Sovereign have now been replaced with beer cans, McDonalds wrappers, and cigarette butts. Whilst Shepley may be on a major road artery and the Sovereign area may be industrial we do take some pride in […]

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