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MP Paula Sherriff reflects on 70 years of the NHS

Photo: NHS Blood and Transplant The NHS remains one of Britain’s most cherished institutions and Labour’s greatest ever achievement. It has stood the test of time as the most powerful engine for social justice we have ever seen. As we celebrate the 70th year of our NHS, I want to pay tribute to our hardworking staff, […]

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Shepley’s Got Talent for local RNLI fundraising concerts

You may have noticed that concerts and events held at St. Paul’s Church Hall are becoming more regular. This started when Tony Watson, Shepley resident and Secretary of the Huddersfield South East Fundraising Branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution recognised that there was a way to fundraise for the RNLI by holding live music […]

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9 Unsolved Historical Mysteries

Who was Jack the Ripper, what happened to the Mary Celeste, and did Richard III really murder the princes in the Tower? These are some of the biggest historical mysteries of all time. Here, after scouring 1,000 years of public records at the National Archives in search of answers, Dr David Clarke, the author of […]

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