Shepley Litter Squad – Spring 2017

Shepley Litter Squad


to everyone who turned up for the litter pick today. Fantastic support from members of the Village Association and Shepley Hub. Plus our local councillors.

Grass verges tidied up on the main road up to Birds Edge plus Holmfirth / Penistone Rd to top of Marsh Lane. And Carr Lane down to the Shepley Carr entrance.

26 bags of rubbish collected

Items removed include:

1 x pair ladies black knickers (we think they are - difficult to tell sometimes!)
6 x car hub caps
8 x used condoms
1 front fender for BMW
8 fully-loaded babies' nappies
1 plastic bottle full of urine
1 x flood sign
3 x sand bags
1 x tote bag
2 x fly tips

Some observations

- Cheesy Quavers are popular crisps
- Gin is a favourite tipple (8 bottles)
- Loads of drink drivers about (judged by number of beer cans).
- Lots of Co-op branded packaging thrown away. But, other supermarkets well represented too!
- Thankfully, no-one came across any medical sharps/needles.

And finally...

to the white van driver who thought it funny to throw away can of coke just after the verge had been tidied.

Unfortunately (for you) someone took a note of your number plate.

GOTCHA! Reported to Council.



Judging by the many comments made on Facebook about litter and dog fouling, we are proud folks in Shepley.

Please help us to keep the local area tidy for all our enjoyment. Just spending a few minutes tidying up the verge or pavement outside your house or business, or putting a discarded drinks can into a litter bin will make a huge difference. If you have any suggestions to make about the Shepley Litter Pick, battling the litter 'tossers', or dealing with dog fouling, please leave your comments below.


You can also report fly tipping and other environmental crime by downloading the Keep Britain Tidy smartphone app. Click on the image below