Shepley Library Focus Group


Kirklees Council is cutting its budgets and services and Shepley Library and Information Centre is threatened with closure.

The Shepley Hub Community Interest Company (CIC) is being set up to secure the future of Shepley Library and Information Centre by taking community ownership of the library building.

The Shepley Library Focus Group has been set up as a sub-group of the Shepley Hub CIC, to focus on the library services. The aim is to understand fully what library and information services are currently delivered at Shepley and identify opportunities to make these services sustainable for the future.

The Library Focus Group held it's first meeting on Tuesday 10 February 2015. Peter Roberts described a typical week at Shepley Library detailing the services and activities undertaken. Peter then explained how the services were valued, what was good and possible areas where services could be enhanced. Key areas identified as strengths were the knowledgeable staff, the range of books, DVDs, talking books, computers, children's area, the building and its location within the village.

Possible areas for improvements were a sitting area, drinks facility, signage, and promotion of services. The latter is to ensure all residents of Shepley know what services can be obtained at the library.

This initial introduction will be developed to gain a fuller understanding of the current services and how they can be enhanced to make them more sustainable in light of Kirklees Council cuts. If you have any ideas please get involved, we welcome ideas and anytime you can give would be appreciated.

The Group also noted that a number of people had volunteered to help at the library.

It was agreed to hold a morning meeting and invite those people who had offered to volunteer. The aim of the meeting would be to get like-minded volunteers together, hear what is important to them regarding the library, share information regarding the library's future, and discuss ideas for making the library sustainable.

If you would like to join the Library Focus Group or have ideas about the library services please contact us at

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