Library Focus Meeting on 16 March 2015


1. Volunteer's Meeting

Roger Prescott had contacted those people who had offered to volunteer at the library and invited them to a meeting on 18 March 2015. A number of volunteers had accepted the invite. It was also noted that some people could not attend because it was a morning meeting and they worked, whilst another person suggested a meeting at 9.15am to enable parents who drop their children at school to attend.

2. Role of the Library Focus Group

a. To focus on the library and information services rather than the building transfer.

b. To consider how the library services can bring in more people - it was noted that at Honley Library volunteers hold monthly events.

c. To develop ideas whereby the library services can be supplemented to generate an income. One suggestion was whether family history research could be undertaken, at a charge, for those around the world searching for ancestors from Shepley and surrounding district.

d. To reassure residents that the library and information services are a priority for the Shepley Hub Community Interest Company.

3. Tour

Roger Prescott said that a number of the development ideas suggested by the Hub Group  were already being delivered in Kirklees Libraries.  He proposed visiting a few libraries to help develop the ideas for Shepley and potentially generate further ideas.

Possible places were Kirkheaton for the cafe, Cleckheaton for younger people's service, Huddersfield Reference library for business information and the local history service for family history.

4. Any Other Business

A request was made to see if the Group could facilitate a children's party at the library. As children's parties were already noted as an idea the Hub Group wish to explore, the meeting agreed in principle to the request. It was noted that the Kirklees Council's insurance would need to be checked to see if it covered such activity and Kirklees officers would need to see what was being planned for the party. It was also agreed that a piece of work was needed, prior to the party, regarding terms and conditions for hiring the library, costs, deposits, health and safety risk assessments etc. The party would then be run as a pilot.


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