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About Ben Hramiak

Ben Hramiak is a keen writer and has published a couple of novels on the internet through a web site called Figment. He loves to create stories and characters and use them for games design, preferring the more complicated games that have background and context. He won a prize for academic achievement last year at Shelley College and is now studying IT at Kirklees College with a view to continuing with Media Studies next year, and a degree in creative writing.

The Deep and Lovely Dark

In his second chapter, Ben Hramiak continues his story about Oscar. The Deep and Lovely Dark Nyctophilia: (n.) Love of darkness or night. Finding relaxation and comfort in darkness. … He should have just turned back. It would have been so easy. He could have turned and walked back to his nice, comfy apartment: an […]

The World According To Oscar

Made in Shepley, the Hub and Library are championing young, local talented authors. Today, Ben Hramiak publishes his first in a series of chapters on his short story – The World According to Oscar — “Without family, man, alone in the world, trembles at the cold.” Andre Maurois. … “Don’t look at me…” He could feel […]